Friday, 27 April 2007

Internet Business: First Steps

Today I will finally start talking about my experience working with affiliate marketing. Since now I will start share all of my results with you, so everybody can understand whether it is worth to try it or not.

I started to look at internet affiliate programs and possibility to earn money from home only several months ago. To my surprise I started to earn money, using the Internet quite quickly.

First of all I looked at AdSense.
As a start I created several blogs and started to publish articles there. But how people would know about them? Ok, I looked to the internet and created my own database of social networks, blog directories and regular directories. So, having this information I optimized my blogs for necessary keywords and registered them in the directories. And guess what, I started to earn some money. Not too much, but it was good for beginning.
Next time I will explain you, how I was selecting keywords to work with as well as how to create and link your blogs or regular sites.

So I am going to share my progress with you and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
By the way, I almost forgot to tell you, that I’ve started experimenting with another affiliate network, called COPEAC and it also looks quite interesting.
So, here are some of my results:

AdSense: +$348 Since the 3d April
Copeac: +$12 Since the 25th April

I believe that this is not bad, especially that I still keep my day job, so I cannot spend much time on the internet marketing. But now, I see a potential opportunity to leave my day job. Actually, this is my dream…

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